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...or training company

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Consider these questions:

Does your small business or nonprofit have a leadership development plan, or do you find yourself just winging it?

Does the training that your employees & leaders receive result in long-term changes, or do you wish you could get more bang for your buck?

Is your team spending most of their time in their sweet spot, or could performance and engagement be improved?

Founded in 2012 by Travis Russell, Artisan HR is a strengths-based coaching, training, and consulting company based in Lincoln, NE. Our expertise is helping clients maximize the talent of their leadership team and their employees through effective selection, development, and engagement strategies. We are passionate about helping others grow in ways they never thought possible.



Travis began his professional career in strength development over twenty years ago with an international human resource consulting organization. There, he personally interviewed over 9,000 people so he could understand the intrinsic traits that helped them to be successful. He consulted with clients across several countries, spanning from a 40-person family-owned business to a 25,000-employee luxury hotel management company. Each of his clients depended on him to be an avid learner about their business, their strategy, and their people.



In addition to talent consulting, Travis also found himself frequently creating complex learning programs for his employers. He became known for designing participant-centered curriculum, rather than instructor-focused classes, which resulted in greater retention and applied learning. Over the years, however, he saw ample evidence that training programs alone do not result in sustained behavioral changes.


As he worked with individuals to develop their skills, Travis noticed that many people thought that the best way to grow was to focus on remediation of their weaknesses. Coaching organizations often complicate this misconception by focusing on goals that incrementally improve deficiencies. Travis had a strong desire to set himself apart from this approach by finding models that were strengths-based. Much of his coaching research pointed to principles found in Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational change process that finds and builds on what is right and successful with companies. By coaching from this perspective, his clients were able to develop and attain goals that were far more ambitious than what they would have set previously.



By 2012, the concept for Artisan HR was formed as he began to shift his focus to a model that combined participant-centered training, strengths-based consulting, and appreciative coaching to achieve greater participant and organizational results.

Often, small business and nonprofit leaders lack access to the training, selection, and development tools that larger companies have. As a result, many small business and nonprofit leaders feel stuck - they make do with what they have because they don't see a return on their investment in their people.

Artisan HR can change that. 



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