How a Survey Informs Community Leadership Development Needs

As we mentioned in our previous blog post "How Nonprofits Benefit from a Community Leadership Development Needs Assessment" (which you can find here), Artisan HR is embarking on a study to gain a broad picture of the leadership landscape of nonprofit organizations in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The first step in this research is to distribute a survey to nonprofit Executive Directors and Board Presidents. The survey will focus on thoughts about leadership training and leadership qualities. Results will identify potential ways of addressing leadership training needs.

The report will be made available free of charge to nonprofit organizations. We believe that you will find this information useful in your discussions with Executive Directors, Board members, donors, foundations, and partners.

If you are interested in participating in this survey or other aspects of the study, please contact us. We’d be happy to welcome you onboard.

Artisan HR grows nonprofit leaders through individualized coaching and training. Our goal for this comprehensive research project is to discover unmet needs and identify ways in which we can help the nonprofit leadership community grow and thrive. Learn more about Artisan HR at Questions about this study and inquiries about participating may be directed to Travis Russell at

Kathryn Brockmeier is the Research Analyst at Artisan HR. She may be reached at

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